Notary Directories

We’ve researched and compiled a list of National Notary Directories headed by the ones we like and the ones recommended to us by professional notaries—though we don’t guarantee business from any of them, even us! Trying to rate directories by the number of visitors a directory receives and thus the potential business you might receive isn’t an exact science. A busy forum may be attracting thousands of other notaries so provide great information and networking for you but generate few customers in need of your services.

What about all those emails you get announcing a new directory with outrageous claims of traffic and business? Beware. If they’re new or haven’t optimized their site, they won’t show up in organic (unpaid) results for the most common search terms. Do a Google search for terms such as “find notary” – “find notary signing agent” – “find mobile notary” – “notary signing agent” and “notary signing agent directory” (without the quotation marks) and make a list of which directories consistently show up on page one for those searches.

And what about those “exclusive features” some sites claim? Don’t base your choice of directories on claims of exclusivity or being the “only one.” We found one site saying it’s the “only one” with a radius zip code search— but we have that, too. One site says it’s the “only one” without premium upgrades for a level playing field — but we have that, too. One site claims to be the “only one” that markets to title and mortgage companies—but, nope, we do that, too. Another says it’s the only one that lets you list additional cities and counties for free—again, no way, we offer that, too. We love the one with no traffic that’s been struggling to add members so brags that it “limits” membership! Those inaccurate claims don’t mean those directories aren’t worthwhile; just that they haven’t researched the competition or simply aren’t being honest in their advertising. (By the way, we contacted those directories and told them they weren’t the “only one” and they’ve chosen to not correct their statements.)

Download Our Web Marketing Chart

Download this form to keep track of sites where you posted your info. It will help you monitor where business is coming from—don’t forget to ask when you get a call!—and will serve as an easy reference when you’re updating your info online. Notary Web Tracking Chart

Review of Top Notary Directories — worked to develop relationships with title, escrow and signing companies and thus provide more loan signing business for their members. They developed their own training programs and a method to relate certification levels to membership ranking. Free membership is available to notaries who pay for training and certification by 123Notary, and basic membership is affordable. Top-of-the-page listings are pricey but prized by members who swear by them for the loan-signing business they receive each year. Non-members are welcome to join their forum. — Our main product is a true professional web page that can be the foundation of your marketing, but don’t overlook the fact that we’re one of the top directories, too! Our searches offer a unique search-by-name feature that enables past customers and referrals to find you by name. Customize your GoGetNotary profile with expanded information and add testimonials, photo and logo at no additional cost. Beef up your listings in other directories by adding a live link to your GoGetNotary web page. — This directory offers a variety of memberships, and anyone can afford to join at the basic level.Upgrades are economical, too. The member’s page is clean and easy to read. One of the best directory listings we’ve seen. We like their active forum and popular message board where notaries share their questions and concerns. This is a good place for “newbies” to get acquainted and find help. — NotaryRotary provides a straightforward profile at an affordable price. You’ll find an active forum where you can communicate with other notaries but they can sometimes be very tough on new notaries who ask basic questions. Other forums are more welcoming to new notaries. Cost varies by level of membership. — provides visitors the option of a traditional search or a visual map-based search to find notaries in their directory. Free membership includes a newsletter and access to the forum. An inexpensive paid membership allows members to create a multi-page mini-website. (If you’re a member of or, you’re automatically included as a free member.)

Associations with Directories

Notary directory listings are included with membership in these Associations:

  • National Notary Association — NNA offers the option of also joining their Notary Signing Agents Section and being listed in
  • American Society of Notaries — National association for notaries.
  • Louisiana Notary Association — LNA offers a public Find-A-Notary search that allows members to list their services. In addition, its online Certified Signing Agent Directory is promoted to title companies and lending institutions seeking qualified agents in Louisiana.
  • Pennsylvania Association of Notaries — Searchable by anyone from PAN’s homepage; open forums for notary, signing agent and motor vehicle discussions

More Notary Directories

More national notary directories are listed below. Be aware that some free listings do not allow you to include a live link to your web page or require a link back.

    Notary Directories – Free Listings

    • Lending Universe – Notaries PublicFREE listing. Highly recommended! This site frequently places near the top in Google search results by city. Important: replace their web address with your GoGetNotary address in your contact info
    • Notary Depot – FREE listing, upgrades, forum

    Notary Directories – Paid Listings

    Other Directories

    The following websites are not specific notary directories but are additional online locations where you can post your “needles in the Internet haystack” for free.

    • Google Places – Part of Google Maps. Select “Put your business on Google Maps” in the left column.
    • – Verizon’s popular directory. Select “Add or Edit A Business” at the bottom of the site.
    • Yahoo Local – Popular directory. Basic Listing.
    • – FREE blog account. Places high in Google search results. Be sure to include your web page address in the Website URL field of your profile. “Join” just under ActiveRain logo upper left.
    • – No free link to your page but a good place for your info anyway. “Add Your Business” upper left.
    • – Considered the busiest free classified ad website on the Internet. Tips on submitting to Craigslist.
    • – Popular classified ad site
    • – Free classified ad website
    • – Free classified ad website

    • Search Engines

      The following search engines allow you to submit individual web pages free. Most search engines require full websites—not pages or sub-domains— before they accept them.