By Sharon Hassler—You have a choice of ordering free notary business cards or spending a very small amount of money and looking like a professional. Our advice: Think about the image you want to convey before you decide you want free business cards. How you would feel if an attorney or paralegal handed you a cheap card that advertised the printing on the flip slide? Is this your business or a hobby? Many printing companies provide affordable notary business cards you can be proud of.

By Sharon Hassler—We get a lot of questions about what a notary business card should contain. Here are samples of business cards that notaries have shared which may help other notaries with decisions about their cards. Some quality and details are lost in scanning and posting online, especially those with beautiful foil embossing, but you can still get an idea of the content, format and variety of these notary business cards.

By Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond—No marketing book for Notary signing agents would ever be written without praising the merits of business cards. As you read this book, it should become apparent to you that having business cards and using them effectively is one of the greatest marketing tips a person can offer.