By Sharon Hassler—I was just reminded of how a little thing can slip through your fingers and maybe cost you financially. We've all had to tighten our belts and are regularly reviewing expenses. If you have a stand-alone website and don't think it's bringing in enough business to keep paying for it, please hang onto your domain name. (I hope you've followed my advice and retained control of your domain name!) Remember you can forward your domain name to any other place on the Internet, like your website at

By Andrew Springfield—Being user friendly can make or break your business. As technology brings information to the world's fingertips, notary marketing and branding professionals realize the value of using a blended high tech AND high touch model.

By Sharon Hassler—The primary benefit of having your own domain name is you can choose something that's easy to remember and easy to share with others. Set it up so it forwards to your GoGetNotary listing or website profile and you're ready to start announcing it to the world. Use it on your business cards, brochures, car magnets, ads and flyers. Include it in your email signature, other online directory listings and forum postings so potential customers can click on it and go directly to your GGN website.