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By Alex Yvonnou—Being a successful notary signing agent under difficult industry circumstances has been challenging for many of us. But success stems from proper planning. And anytime is a good time to plan your course of action for the rest of the year. A basic business plan can give you a blueprint for success and allow you to measure your progress along the way.

By Sharon Hassler—Wow! Wouldn't it be great to be a freight forwarder or some other representative for a foreign company and make over $50,000 a year working part-time? Sign me up and let me give you my bank account or paypal info so you can direct deposit into my account. Whoa, there! Every "great" job offer I've seen, especially the ones from overseas, are scams.

By Sharon Hassler—These days we can't afford to pay for things we don't need or lose any of our hard-earned money through scams. That's why it's especially troubling that the number of scams and fraud have doubled or tripled over the past few years. The "work-from-home" offers are particularly disgusting since they prey on those who need to earn extra money. Here are some items to red-flag when you receive them via email, snail mail or phone.

By Marlene Miller—A letter from a notary signing agent in Pennsylvania says: I have been a notary signing agent for about a year now and have been having problems collecting money owed to me by several companies. Can't the state legislature do something for us notaries to back us up since we are a public official?

By Marlene Miller—Quite possibly the biggest complaint of notary signing agents (NSAs) in all states—after the price of gasoline—is getting stiffed by companies that will not pay for the services the NSAs have performed. Here are some suggestions for making sure you get the money you have earned.