By Sharon Hassler—Below are 8 of the top social networking sites but there are many more. Trouble is you can get spread too thin and the key is frequent and informative posts. Check out these sites, visit the forums/communities for tips. Decide which ones appeal to you and post your profile; select only two to four for your main focus and effort.

By Sharon Hassler—Some time ago, I was contacted by a company about building website traffic. They had a clever demo they would walk me through on their site. They asked me to do a search with a prime keyword, and, SURPRISE, a split screen appeared with Google search results on the bottom and my web page/website at the top. They'll point out how many other sites Google is reporting for that keyword (upper right of Google screen) and that we would be ahead of millions of other sites. Then they repeated this with several more keywords.

By Sharon Hassler—A few days ago, one our members asked my advice on how many pages her notary website should have. She's planning to use a template website and wondered if she should buy the 5 or 10-page version. I don't think it's necessary to go big, especially to start. First, think about your site visitors: The more related info you can provide on one page, the better. Keep them from having to go through multiple pages to find the basics. I've seen some 10-page sites that have only one or two paragraphs per page which seems like a waste of the website owner's space/money AND the visitor's time.

By Melissa Haley—You know they're required for almost everything online these days, but are they really necessary? Of course, I'm talking about passwords. Your bank requires them, your email account requires them, and even some everyday programs require them. It's so hard to remember them all, so you write them down and keep them handy. But should you?

By Melissa Haley—I see many websites daily; some are fantastic, others not so brilliant. They all have one similarity though: They express the views, personalities and dynamics of the creator. What does your website say about you?