By Vikki Watanabe—A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) is an independent contractor who works with Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys providing Chapter 7, 11 and 13 case support and petition preparation. They do not work directly with the public to prepare petitions. The income earned will depend on how much effort the VBA wants to put into this venture. Here are answers to frequently-asked questions.

By Kelly Robertson—Notary and Loan Signing work has been lean for several years, and I know that many have had to find other work to pay the bills. Some are "hangin' tough" but are really taking a hit financially and may be at the point of having to find alternate or additional work, too. I'd like to share what I think is a great job for those who are still signing but need to augment their reduced income immediately.

By Kelly Robertson—If you're like me and love this business, it's hard to turn away from Loan Signing and face the fact that we have to get a "real job." For some of you that found it necessary to go back to work, I have a feeling it may take you all week to match what you made as a busy loan signer in a couple of hours - ouch!

By Vikki Watanabe—Are you looking for an additional stream of income? For myself, I am always looking for ways to create income. Don't get me wrong, my notary and bankruptcy processing business has been very good to me. I've made many friends and life long business contacts.

By Deborah McNaughton—(Excerpt "First Magazine") Plenty of mystery-shopping jobs are legit, but beware of businesses that take your money up front and provide few opportunities in return. For example, steer clean of any company that requires you to pay for certification or charges an application fee.