By Sandy Gadow—A contingency is a condition in a Purchase Agreement which states that the agreement is reliant upon certain events taking place, such as approval of a building inspection, delivery of marketable title, obtaining acceptable financing or mortgage commitments, even meeting building code compliance.

By Fidelity National Title Insurance Company—1. Home acquisition mortgage loan fees. If you have bought a primary or secondary home in the past year, you probably obtained a mortgage to finance the purchase. That mortgage is called an "acquisition mortgage" because it enabled purchase of the residence.

By Alamo Title Insurance—PRICING: A homeowner is usually not the best judge of the value of his or her home. There are too many emotional ties to the home for the owner to be unbiased. Also the owner knows the amount he needs or wants from the sale and may not be objective.

By Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

The Seller Generally Pays:

  • Real estate commission
  • Document preparation fee for deed
  • Documentary transfer tax
  • Any city transfer/conveyance tax (according to contract)

By Sandy Dixon— Within seconds of walking into a house, prospective buyers form an impression and know whether they want to buy the house or not. In some cases they won't even get out of the car, upon looking at the outside of the house. This initial reaction can make the difference between a swift sale and a house that languishes on the market.